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Lesson #1

Astrology refers to any of several systems, traditions or beliefs in which knowledge of the apparent positions of celestial bodies is held to be useful in understanding, interpreting, and organizing knowledge about human affairs and events on earth. A practitioner of astrology is called an astrologer or, less often, an astrologist

Astrology has two main purposes. First, it is used to gain understanding of present or past situations, and second, to predict the future to help people adapt to the unexpected, and prepare them to make the best use of the future opportunities.

The astrologer’s ability to predict the future raises the problem of fate and free will, in many areas of human activity. It is necessary to anticipate the outcome of events, and prediction is not only used in astrology but also in such studies as meteorology, sociology and economics. It is to the credit of astrology that it has confronted the awkward implications that predicting the future raises for human freedom of choice: if future events can be predicted does this mean that whatever is attempted, the outcome will be the same?

Astrologers argue that human beings are born with potential for future development, and that this potential is revealed by the position of the stars and planets at birth. Yet this is not absolutely fixed and the exact manner in which it is expressed can be altered by the exercise of free will. Astrology, by its ability to clarify nature of this potential, and its likely development, enhances freedom of choice. Even when a predicted event is inevitable, astrology can help people to prepare for it.

(I made the homework really easy actually, all you need to do is read what is written above.)

1. What is a practitioner of Astrology called?

2. What are the 2 main purposes of Astrology?

3. How are the potentials of a human beings future development revealed?

Okay that's it! If any of you have any questions about anything just ask me. I hope that was easy enough.

(Put all answer's to homework, and question's to me as comments....P.S. comments are screened.)

Submissions are due by 10 days/ April, 7 '06
Good Luck!

~Taylor||Hufflepuff Beater||Astrology Prof.~
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