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As requested by folks.. *coughbiancacough I'm giving a lesson

Astrology Is an ancient science that may or maynot have been invented by the Greeks. Not many people beleive there is a science to it, as Astronomy is needed, It not only fun, but essential to Potions and some incantations. As you can ask your Potions Professor, as moonflower only booms once month on a full moon, will it not, persay, be more powerful in June, which is ruled primarily by Cancer? the very sign the Moon rules? It would make that essential ingredient of Wolfsbane at least twice as powerful!!
But I digress. I shall, in my first lesson, give you Elements, Qualities and Seasons and how they affect people

Spring-As Creators, the spring fever the other signs experience is a permanant mindset. Spring babies have short attention spans and bounce between projects all the time. They are Pioneers, Barrier breakers, Doers. You don't have to ask a spring sign more than once to try Rock Climbing, or some other challenge They want to be the first to do something.
Summer-Summer signs are also doers, and with the more cosmic maturity than Spring Signs, they finish the task- Summer signs are way more balanced and know whats going down before it happens. They can walk into any given scenario, know what to do, when to do it, and who they need to do it. While Taurus's have the same quality, they demand to do it themselves Summer signs know they need people. and enjoy spending time with them. They just don't waste time with people they don't need
Fall-Fall signs are all about Change. They are MADONNA!! Their opposites are barrier breakers, (Spring) and so are they, But in a more Profound and Thoughtful way. The rulers of change, they know when they need one, how to do it, and how to alter it when you have to. Some would call them skitzophrenic! They bounce back like a super ball, and fix what went wrong. The Fall Spirit is all about taking a few steps back and examining what was going on. Whatever they have said, done or given in whatever situation may have changed someone's life forever, in a good way! They just do it without realizing it- They rebound and react- with a touch of planning.
Winter-Winter Energy is all about Reflecting, resting and dreaming. Imagining the Future and Contemplating the Past, winter signs are Visonaries. "They Have The Dream" Wise, Insightful even at a young age. (Ever knew a kid who, with no real life experience, just say "Well, did you try saying you were wrong" after a fight or saying "Well, if you were best friends, why can't you still be? Its just a stupid fight" and after scolding them for listening in, realizing they were right? Those were probably Winter Babies- or had a Moon/Acendant Winter Sign. They Just Know

Cardial-Increasingly adventerous, Cardinals bring in the energy of a Season, and then go off to do the next adventure ahead.
Fixed-Very stable, and see's the worth of the season and plans what to do with it. Scorpio's, for example, born as a Fall sign have that insight of the season and the quality, are super examiners- They either knew it already or knew it fast.
Mutable- They are communications experts, and translate one seasons energy to the next. Very much the Busy Bee, and very chatty

Fire-Energetic, Charismatic and Passionate- Quick to start and Quick to end.
Water- Emotional, Empathetic, Sensitive, Romantic
Air-Talkative, Quick study, Short Attention Span
Earth-Stable, Sensible, Mothering, serious.
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