Points Update

Congrats to everyone! You all submitted your homework before the deadline :)
Anyway here are the points for the second lesson on Astrology.

Hufflepuff- 15 pts. +5 for giving more than 5 answers in the homework, and +5 for submitting homework the earliest = 25 points

Gryffindor- 15 pts. +5 for giving more than 5 answers in the homework = 20 points

Slytherin- 15 pts. +5 for giving more than 5 answers in the homework = 20 points

Next lesson will be posted soon, and again new students are still welcomed.

~Taylor||Hufflepuff beater||Astrology Prof~

Points Update

Points for the first lesson on Astrology.

Hufflepuff- 10 pts.+5 for submitting homework the earliest

Gryffindor- 10 pts.

Slytherin- 10 pts.

Next lesson will be posted in a week from now (April 15 '06), and again new students are still welcomed

~Taylor||Hufflepuff beater||Astrology Prof~

Hello Students and fellow friends

Good Day to all!

How are you all feeling??
Anyway I would like to introduce myself,
My name is Taylor and I am now going to be your new Astrology Professor...
So that also makes me Professor Taylor, or Prof. Taylor or Prof. T
(whatever you would be comfortable with)
Anyway I am really hoping that that in this term, that you all will learn
a lot of things from me, and have fun in the process too!

Anyway I would really like to keep track of my new students.
So new student who want to join this class I would really appreciate it if you could just answer
this and put it as the comment to this post.

Reason why you would like to join Astrology: (just 1 sentence would be fine.)

  • frogvl9

Hello class


im your new teacher,
Prof. Jessica :)

welcome to my class

Im sorry about your other teacher having to leave

but i think we shall have fun...

Lets get started off shall we?
Everyone commetn for me,
with your name and house
So i can get a list ready and get to know about how many people i should count on for class

FYI- im also the head of the hufflepuff house

Prof. Jessica
teeter totter

This really saddens me...

I am very sorry professor, but my real life is being very demanding and I have hardly anytime for myself anymore. Your classes are indeed very interesting and I do appreicate all the hard work you put into it. I'm not the greatest with time management, however I really sorry, but I must resign from your class. I will be back for Christmas break and probably in May when I'm all finished with school.

I'm really sorry about, especially since I asked for an extention. I just can't seem to find the time for this RPG anymore.

I will be back in a few months.

Thank you for understanding.