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Points Update [5-11-06 at 12pm]

Congrats to everyone! You all submitted your homework before the deadline :)
Anyway here are the points for the second lesson on Astrology.

Hufflepuff- 15 pts. +5 for giving more than 5 answers in the homework, and +5 for submitting homework the earliest = 25 points

Gryffindor- 15 pts. +5 for giving more than 5 answers in the homework = 20 points

Slytherin- 15 pts. +5 for giving more than 5 answers in the homework = 20 points

Next lesson will be posted soon, and again new students are still welcomed.

~Taylor||Hufflepuff beater||Astrology Prof~
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Lesson 2 [4-26-06 at 10am]


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Points Update [4-8-06 at 6am]

Points for the first lesson on Astrology.

Hufflepuff- 10 pts.+5 for submitting homework the earliest

Gryffindor- 10 pts.

Slytherin- 10 pts.

Next lesson will be posted in a week from now (April 15 '06), and again new students are still welcomed

~Taylor||Hufflepuff beater||Astrology Prof~
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Lesson #1 [3-28-06 at 6am]


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Hello Students and fellow friends [3-8-06 at 6pm]


Good Day to all!

How are you all feeling??
Anyway I would like to introduce myself,
My name is Taylor and I am now going to be your new Astrology Professor...
So that also makes me Professor Taylor, or Prof. Taylor or Prof. T
(whatever you would be comfortable with)
Anyway I am really hoping that that in this term, that you all will learn
a lot of things from me, and have fun in the process too!

Anyway I would really like to keep track of my new students.
So new student who want to join this class I would really appreciate it if you could just answer
this and put it as the comment to this post.

Reason why you would like to join Astrology: (just 1 sentence would be fine.)

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Hello class [11-10-05 at 7pm]


im your new teacher,
Prof. Jessica :)

welcome to my class

Im sorry about your other teacher having to leave

but i think we shall have fun...

Lets get started off shall we?
Everyone commetn for me,
with your name and house
So i can get a list ready and get to know about how many people i should count on for class

FYI- im also the head of the hufflepuff house

Prof. Jessica
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[11-8-05 at 5pm]

Okay Jessica! I have redone everything in here for you! Good luck in teaching Astrology!
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[11-6-05 at 12pm]

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My Reasons [10-4-05 at 7am]

I have recieved several emails asking my reasons for leaving when 'things were going well". The reasons are conversations with one of the mods...the first can be found in the real_hogwarts community; started when I said I'd ask the mods to fix my info page for my class. She got very mad at me, and posted a lot of comments that she then deleted because she didn't want anyone to see them. I have all my comments emailed to me, so I still recieved the comments. The original post iwas deleted...its a "roll call" post.
1Collapse )
The second convo was about a recent House Cup post I made, seen here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/hogwartscup/14503.html
In the comments I posted her deleted comments. 3 more were recieved after that, saying,
1) "byebye i'm not even reading this"
2) " i treat members fine just not you"
3) " you siad you quit goodbey youw ill be banned"

This ongoing issue is why I quit. I reallyl loved doing this but I had to stand up for myself and I'mn sorry you all had to suffer.
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Goodbye [10-3-05 at 7pm]

Due to unending conflicts with one of the mods, I feel the need to leave. I'm not one for verbal abuse.

You guys have worked hard and I've had a lot of fun. I hope you found this interesting and learned something too..

I really appreciate all of your efforts, I can't say it enough. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at the usual address. I'm sorry to leave you like this, as I know you've expressed that you like having a class that meets regularly, but I cannot be a part of something where I am verbally assaulted several times a week by people who throw around their authority.

On a final note: keep watching the stars. They play into so many parts of our lives from moods, to paths, Tarot and divination, history and futures yet to come.
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This really saddens me... [10-3-05 at 4pm]

I am very sorry professor, but my real life is being very demanding and I have hardly anytime for myself anymore. Your classes are indeed very interesting and I do appreicate all the hard work you put into it. I'm not the greatest with time management, however I really sorry, but I must resign from your class. I will be back for Christmas break and probably in May when I'm all finished with school.

I'm really sorry about, especially since I asked for an extention. I just can't seem to find the time for this RPG anymore.

I will be back in a few months.

Thank you for understanding.

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Wrappin' Up The Semester [10-3-05 at 4pm]

Well, we're nearing the end of the semester, and I have a few ideas left for this class. I'm going to try to put together a small project and a final exam. I also have ideas for 1 or 2 more lessons, including the effect of eclipses on the Zodiac, Chaos Theory Astrology, Aztec-Mayan Astrology, and Chinese Astrology. However, I'm been bombarding you with information for a few months, and now I'd like to know what YOU want to learn more about!

If you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to learn more about, or if you'd like me to take a previous lesson 1 step farther, please comment and let me know!

Please tell me what astronomical event occured this morning (10/3) in Spain and Portugal? (+5) What does it usually mean in the areas in which it is seen? (+5) How does it effect the Zodiac in which it is involved in? (+10)

Email me with your answers, your house and LJ name by 3pm on 10/4! VelvetEternity@gmail.com
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Astrology Class Roll Call [9-29-05 at 4pm]

Take 2.

This is your last chance to tell me you're still in my Astrology class. The original post about it is here:

If you are not on that list you are not in my class. I had 27 students at one point and only 6 or 7 turn in work, so I'm getting rid of the people who bring everyone else down. I know I have 2 new students, so just comment here to remind me of your LJ name and House, and you'll be fine.

You have until Sunday, Noon to get on this list. After that I will be asking the mods to fix the class info page. Please be responsible and do this.
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Astrology Homework #6 [9-25-05 at 3pm]

*Due Sunday, Oct 2 (is it almost Oct already?!) by 10pm. 20 points for handing this in, done correctly and thoroughly. Minus 10 for not handing it in. Please email to me me at the usual VelvetEternity@gmail.com

There has been yet another new planet discovered by astronomers, and it is called Sedna. Go here and read the Sedna myth: http://www.polarlife.ca/Traditional/myth/sedna.htm

1) Why do you think this new planet is named Sedna? (Be creative!)
2) It takes Sedna over 200 years to orbit the sun, so it will spend a lifetime in any one zodiac sign. Tell me your sign, and how you think Sedna would influence you had you been born while it was crossing through your sign.
3) How is Sedna related to Neptune and Pluto, whos orbits it crosses?
4) Is there any planet whos name/meaning you completely disagree with? Or agree very much with? Tell me why, using specifics from the lesson.

1) Create your own glyph for Sedna. Submit either a sketch, computer image, or description. (+5)
2) Do you have Uranus in your zodiac? Tell me how you know if you do/dont, and list me some famous people who have Uranus in their sign. (This is going to take some thinking, so +5 for figuring it out for your sign and +1 for each famous person you find).
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Astrology Lesson #6 [9-24-05 at 3pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

*It took me over 3 hours to get this up, so please don't write off this lesson, OK?
For this lesson, we're going to revisit the planets and I'm going to answer some very good questions that I've been asked: "why?" Why is Jupiter the carefree planet? Why do we associate Venus with love? I've got a lot of info here, from the astronomical facts to the mythology (which is kinda fun), and I'm sorry that this is so lengthy. Read it in portions if you want to, but I can summarize the answers to your "why" questions in 3 words: BLAME THE ROMANS. =op

Now, on with the lesson!
*Note: the symbols don't show up on all browsers...Windows seems to dislike them intensely. I've included a description just in case you can only use Windows.

**In astrology, the word “planet” has a slightly different meaning than it does in astronomy. The origin of the word planet comes from a Greek word meaning “wanderer.” Astrologically speaking, a planet is a body that appears to “wander” or move across the sky, including the Sun and Moon.**

First, each planet has a astrological symbol, which I've included. However, the sun and moon, being pretty self-explanitory bodies, are the 2 that I won't really go into. Thie symbols are:

Sun: ☉
Moon: occasionally called Luna (Latin for moon), or Selene, to distinguish it from the generic "moon". Its symbol is a crescent ☾

MercuryCollapse )

VenusCollapse )

MarsCollapse )

JupiterCollapse )

SaturnCollapse )

UranusCollapse )

NeptuneCollapse )

PlutoCollapse )

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Astrology Class Roll Call [9-24-05 at 9am]


This is very important. I am having a roll call to see who is still actively in this class and who is not. My worst fear is that my students are suffering in the points department because people who are no longer in this class didn't unfriend the community. The people who I know are in the class for sure are:



That leaves 16 people unaccounted for! If these people are in your house, TELL THEM TO PLEASE GET INVOLVED OR UNFRIEND THE CLASS. This new roll call will be the ONLY list I use and I will eventually ask the mods to fix the info/"friended by" page to reflect the students who are actually in this class, instead of the ones who signed up and never showed up.


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Astrology Lesson #5 [9-20-05 at 2pm]

Guess what? You guys get the week off after the quiz!

Hooray! You've earned it! (I'm also terribly sick, but more so that you earned it!)

Congrads to everyone who handed in the quiz--EVERYONE got an A!! OUTSTANDING! I'll send you your marks and post the points before Friday, as I am considering what to do about the people who don't hand anything in.

If you'd like to earn some extra points for your House, please *comment* on the following, (no points will be taken if you do not comment):

1) I want your opinion! I want to know how you think the class is going, is it interesting, is it too much work?
2)There is also a lot of talk about Profs who deduct points from people who don't hand any work in, but since I got a record 7 quizzes, I'd be taking over 300 points from certain Houses. I just can't do that; it doesn't sound fair and its a load of points. The alternative might be to give even MORE points to those who handed it in. What do you guys think?

10 points for anyone who comments on this!
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[9-17-05 at 4pm]

I'm very sorry, but I am going to have to leave this class. College and work are leaving me with no time to do anything. I am very sorry...
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Astrology Quiz Due! [9-17-05 at 9am]

Please remember to turn in your Astrology quiz by Sunday night. I've recieved 6 quizzes out of 24 students. Its worth 40 points and I really, REALLY hate to subtract that much per person who doesn't hand it in...but I spend time each week on lessons & homework and such that I get tired of no one really caring. (Except for the 6 of you, you know who you are!)

If you're no longer in the class, just take 2 mins and unfriend it so that I know.

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[9-15-05 at 5pm]

any of you hermione girls that left the community because i got suspended...i built and new one, so go and enjoy! boys can come too.

hermione_girls3 IS NOW OPEN!
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